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We understand that every business is unique, with its challenges, goals and aspirations, which leads us to dedicate ourselves to developing customized and integrated software solutions that meet the main needs of your business.

We develop according to your business processes, allowing a gradual scalability of the software, in parallel with the growth of your company.

Official ODOO Partner

The fastest growing software in the world. The ERP + CRM that combines the greatest comprehensiveness and usability in the world More than 35 modules, more than 40 thousand App's, more than 12 million users, more than 2400 partners.

INNOVACTIVE is Odoo's official partner in Mozambique;

More than 20 implementations have been carried out by Innovactive in Mozambique, Gabon, Congo and Namibia covering both Enterprise and Community solutions. Of particular note is the development of financial and administrative localization solutions specific to Mozambique. This includes invoicing, accounting, human resources, inventory, and import management systems.

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In a simple and fast way, you can acquire ready-made and standardized solutions for your business for specific businesses, without going through custom development processes.

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