The power of information

In today's fast-paced, data-rich world, making informed decisions is critical to business success. By contributing to informed decisions at the right time, we empower businesses to harness the full potential of their data, gaining valuable insights and achieving unparalleled growth.

Data is the new currency

In the digital age, data is just as important as every other aspect of business.

Obtaining the right data is a fundamental role in business growth and in the competitive environment, bringing you several possibilities of analysis and perception of the market and business and assisting in accurate decision-making.

Marvel at an integrated view of your ​business

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Real-time data analysis

A real-time picture of the health of your business that allows you to access, allowing you to make agile decisions and react quickly to market changes.

Identify trends and opportunities

Where is the market headed? Which products/services can be adapted to the new reality? What opportunities/trends can be best exploited? A world of possibilities with B.I

Optimize performance and efficiency

Performance data from your operations that leads to more efficient processes and optimized performance.

Improve customer experience

In-depth and improved knowledge of customer behavior and preferences allows you to adapt products and services and increase customer satisfaction as well as improve your usability experience

Your ideal partner in Business Intelligence

With our vision of adding value to the business of Mozambican companies and in collaboration with international partners, our Business Intelligence services bring you a range of solutions.

Predictive analytics

Predict future trends.

Viewing dashboards

Complete, intuitive and dynamic information panels.


Data capture through integration with other systems.