Official Odoo Partners

O ERP (Software/Sistema de gestão integrado) que mais cresce no mundo, está em Moçambique!

Rápido, integrado e escalável- A única ferramenta que precisa para gerir o seu negócio!


Prominent among ERP platforms, Odoo stands out for being adapted to all types of businesses, from hospitals to industries, restaurants to tourism, education to transportation and much more.​

Modular Architecture

Odoo's modular approach allows you to choose and integrate the specific applications you need, streamlining your processes without unnecessary complexities.

User-friendly interface

With an amazing and simple user experience, Odoo's intuitive interface ensures easy adaptation of your team and increased productivity.


For a more complete experience, Odoo allows you to interconnect with other tools or equipment, creating a communication for sending and reading data.


Odoo grows with your business. Add and develop modules seamlessly as your requirements/needs evolve.

Applications for all sectors

What if all the departments in your business could be connected to each other? In a single tool? Odoo allows communication between all applications such as: CRM, accounting, sales, HR, Marketing, website, Project management, among others.

As official partners of Odoo in Mozambique, Innovactive presents itself as the link between the growth of your business and this incredible tool.

Experienced team

We have a team that is certified and experienced in successfully developing solutions in Odoo.

Customer-centric approach

We understand the unique and detailed processes of your business and adapt the solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

Mozambican Accounting

We develop Mozambican accounting at Odoo, to facilitate our clients' business and ensure that all tax obligations are taken care of by the system.

Advantages of Choosing Innovactive as Your Official Odoo Partner

Experience & Expertise

As an official partner of Odoo, Innovactive is trained and certified by Odoo SA, ensuring a high level of knowledge and experience in the Odoo platform. Innovactive has expertise in implementation, customization and technical support of Odoo software.

Direct Support from Odoo SA

Innovactive has direct access to Odoo SA's technical support and development resources, ensuring quick and efficient issue resolution for its customers.

Knowledge of the Local Market

Innovactive has a deeper understanding of local business practices and regulations. This empowers them to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of the local market, ensuring compliance and effectiveness for their clients.

Communication and Collaboration Made Easy

Innovactive enables easier communication and collaboration between partner and customer. Face-to-face meetings, workplace visits, and in-person interactions are more achievable, making it easier to understand each other and align goals.

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